Never be lost for that perfect word again

If you have ever wrestled to find that perfect, yet elusive, word among the haystack of word references available to us all today, then Clever Dictionary might just put a big grin on your face and cause involuntary shouts of joy!

Clever Dictionary is an off-line:- dictionary, visual thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, reverse dictionary, Roget’s thesaurus, Moby thesaurus and famous quotation reference – and a whole bunch more. What makes Clever Dic stand out from the crowd is its simple, easy-to-use interface which makes searching for the perfect word more intuitive, fun and fast. You’ll never be lost for that perfect yet elusive word again. See all of Clever Dictionary features here.

Clever Dictionary Visual Thesaurus

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What can Clever Dictionary be used for:
rhyming dictionary, reverse dictionary and visual thesaurus ..